So I can’t pretend to not notice the gap in entries here, it’s been more than six months since my last post, and I’m getting pretty close to my April 1 deadline. So I decided to update you, so you know I haven’t been slacking.

I have gotten better in all aspects I set out to improve even though I haven’t been posting about it.

Now that I have a kitchen at school, I cook! I make a really good stir fry. Although I’m not a chef or anything, and don’t make a wide variety of meals, I have improved greatly from a year ago.

I am more involved in fashion. I am more daring with it and always get compliments when I wear something I wouldn’t have worn a year ago. Because I work on campus, I need to portray a put together look, you’d all be proud I haven’t left my room in sweats once this semester!

While I am not an active runner, I do enjoy going to the gym. A year ago I would have punched myself in the face for saying that, but I really enjoy the weight machines. I like feeling the results and not going actually makes me sad. I haven’t gone in a week because of spring break and it’s killing me!

I am a DIY fanatic. I am that girl with a sewing machine in her dorm room. I look making crafts and have even taken up knitting! When I look around my dorm room and notice all the things I’ve made I get very happy, much happier than I would have just from buying the pieces.

And beauty is where I’ve really improved. Now that I’m 21 I actually go out to bars and do my makeup. I’ve mastered lip color and smoky eye I’m pretty good at. I’m working on a cat eye, I just need new liner.

So I have improved. I realize now how unrealistic a goal of a post everyday was, it takes so much more time than I expected. Maybe the goal will change, maybe not. Maybe I’ll never post on here again. There are so many aspects of my life that don’t change day to day, but after looking back over a year, it’s amazing how different my life was, and how different I was.

The Average Girl

Inspiration struck me today with this beautiful weather and I decided to write a post about it. While currently on spring break, I have had a lot of time to shop and look at the fashion of spring. Below is a list of four trends every girl should try to be more than average in terms of fashion.

First: Something Wild

Try making a fashion statement! Colorful jeans or jeggings, Aztec/Geo prints, and animal prints are major staples for spring. A little too wild for you? Try smaller statement pieces like the loafers or the ring and build up to full orange pants. Once you start receiving complements about the small stuff, you’ll be more likely to wear the big pieces.

Second: Something Sweet

I know, I’m not the first person to recognize that florals and lace are perfect spring statements. But spring is your change to break out the flowy, feminine skirt or try a something more daring, like the express shirt above with its open lace sides (I have it and i love it for day and night!)

Third: Something Structured

Menswear translates from fall and winter right into spring. Try wearing these structured pieces with a floral print or circle skirt. Doesn’t seem like your style? Classic Ray Bans look good on every face shape and release images of the beach when you think about them! But structure can be found in many other key pieces, just look for tailoring.

Finally: Something Colorful

Gone is the navy, brown, and black of winter. With color blocking in full swing, it is now your chance to try this popular trend (Can’t you imagine that orange pump with an ocean blue dress?). In 2012, there is no such thing as two colors not matching, as long as you feel good, you’ll look good! Too much for you? Start with one bright piece, like the green belt, and pair it with neutral colors.

I hope you are all on your way to becoming spring fashionistas! I’m currently buying those oxfords from Papaya above, maybe with the tangerine pants :)

Until next time,

The Average Girl

I tried to make an owl pillow following the same pattern as the owl iPhone sock I made. The only thing that was different was the shape, and that Is where I epically failed. I made his head not big enough so it kind of looks like a strange crescent moon with a sideways face. I will reattempt later in the week, but be prepared for a new diy next week.

Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl


I recently read The Summer I Turned Pretty series written by Jenny Han. There are three books, The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You, and We’ll Always Have Summer. The series follows Belly (Isabel) Conklin and her adventures with the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah.

The first book, The Summer I Turned Pretty, takes place when Belly turns 16. Belly returns to Cousins beach, where her mother’s friend, Susannah, has a beach house. Susannah is Conrad and Jeremiah’s mom and she is currently in remission from breast cancer.
Belly, her mother, Laurel, and her brother Steven arrive at Cousins where Susannah, Conrad, and Jeremiah all react to the new Belly. Belly gas been in love with Conrad ever since she was twelve and still has heart palpitations when she sees him. Jeremiah and her are good friends.
The book has flashbacks of Belly’s memories. We find early on that Belly was never part of the group she was a tag along because she was Steven’s sister. All she wanted to do when she was younger was fit in withe boys and not feel like an outsider. Conrad has changed this summer too. He gas always been a brooder but this summer he wants to be alone all the time and is overall grouchy.
The flashbacks in this book, focus on when Belly was fourteen and she brought her friend, Taylor, to the beach house for a week. Taylor immediately decides she likes Conrad, but when he doesn’t go for her she decides she like Jeremiah. Taylor is the classic girl, high heels at the pool, skimpy bikini kind of girl. Jeremiah falls quickly for her.
In the present, Steven leaves for a two week trip with his dad to look at colleges. Belly is sad to see him go, proof that things will never be the same again, knowing that this will be the summer something happens. That night, Belly wants to go swimming and when she goes to the pool, Conrad, Jeremiah, and a local boy, Clay, are there drinking beer. Clay, while flirting with Belly, invites her to his 4th of July party. She goes and there she meets Cameron, a boy who remembered her from a Latin convention they both attended in eighth grade. When Belly tells Conrad she is going to get a ride home with Cameron, Conrad acts very protective, even though he has another girl holding onto him, “Red Sox” girl. Conrad and Belly get into a big public fight, and they all leave a little later. Cam calls Belly later in the week, they hang out at Cousins, and Cam invites her to a party, and Conrad and Jeremiah invite themselves. Belly and Cam have a good time, until Conrad tries to start a fight with some guy. Belly stops them and she goes home with the boys, ruining her date. In the car, Conrad starts to play with her hair and then he says her name. Jeremiah gets back in the car knowing he has interrupted something. But the next day Conrad is the same, nothing has changed.
A few days later, Belly and Cam go on a date to the drive in. Belly is nervous that they are required to make out, but they don’t and at the end of the night they are dating and Belly has her first kiss with Cam.
So July turns to August, and still Mr. Fisher hasn’t come to the house saying he has too much business to leave. Conrad tells Belly they are getting a divorce and Belly realizes that’s why Conrad has been so distant and why Susannah has been going to bed early and hasn’t seemed as cheerful this summer.
Since Belly has been spending all her time with Cam, Laurel asks her to invite him to dinner. Belly says okay, even though she thinks it’s ridiculous that they muss her in the house when Laurel and Susannah are always going shopping or to galleries out of town. Conrad does not join them for dinner, but Cam fits in with everybody else.

In honor of the last Harry Potter movie, which I am also using as the ending point of my childhood, I will be creating looks from the Harry Potter books series. In Harry Potter there are four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Each of these houses has its own colors and symbols that I will base looks off of. So if you are headed to a Harry Potter themed movie or a midnight showing of the last movie (like I am) try one of these looks on for size.

Each look has basic school uniform items. For girls, I recommend a sweater in the house’s color instead of a sweater vest and tie. I used shorts for these outfits because finding a grey pleated skirt was proving very difficult. Te blazer can be replaced with a cloak or a peacoat and flats with other black shoes.

First there is Gryffindor. If you are a Gryffindor, and you would follow the saying: “You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve, and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart.” Their colors are burgundy and gold and their symbol is the lion.

Next there is Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff’s saying goes, “You may belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil.” Their colors are yellow and black and their symbol is a badger.

Third there is Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw’s saying states, “Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, If you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind.” Their colors are blue and bronze and their symbol is an eagle.

Finally there is Slytherin. Slytherin’s saying goes, “Or perhaps in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means, to achieve their ends.” Their colors are dark green and silver and their symbol is a snake.

Basically the looks all have the same key elements of a school uniform which can usually be found in most people’s closets. The only difference is the key color pieces and the accessories pertaining to the houses.

Women’s Look

  • Blazer: Target, $29.99
  • White button down: Forever 21, $18.90
  • Grey shorts: Forever 21, $17.80
  • Knee high socks: Target, $4.00
  • Black flats: Payless, $19.99
  • Cardigan: Target, $15.00
  • Lion necklace: t-boo.shopify.com, 7 Euro
  • Gold headband: Forever 21, $1.50
  • Badger necklace: Brookstonejewelry.com, $245.00
  • Black headband: Forever 21, $1.50
  • Eagle necklace: Amazon, $13.57
  • Blue headband: Forever 21, $1.50
  • Snake necklace: Amazon, $19.99
  • Silver headband: Forever 21, $1.50

Men’s Look

  • Suit jacket: Macys, $119.98
  • White button down: Macys,  $17.99
  • Black pants: Macys,  $75
  • Sweater vest: Hot Topic, $40.50
  • Tie: Macys, $49.50
  • Lion cufflinks: Amazon, $29.99
  • Badger cufflinks: No longer available
  • Eagle cufflinks: $28.99
  • Snake cufflinks: $32.99
Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl

This week I decided that I needed to make an iPhone case. I found a picture on tumblr (actually my first reblogged post) and decided to make an owl iPhone case.
What you will need:
-three primary felt colors or one patterned fabric
-white felt, orange or yellow felt (beak), eye color felt
-a thread color that is dark (or light) enough to see on the three colors
-thread to match eyes and beak
-an iPhone
To start, take your base felt and wrap it around your iPhone. I left my case on while I did this because I have a case on my phone. Sew together two sides leaving the top if the sick open. Use big loop stitches so you can see the thread.
Next, take your base wing and line a corner up with the corner of the left side of the sock. You should angle the wing to cut it like a rounded circle about two inches down from the top of the case. Take the shape you have just cut and make another wing out of your other fabric. If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure you use it as a base wing.
Now sew your wings onto the front of the sock using the se big loop stitch. It can be difficult to sew sometimes, so make sure you don’t accidentally sew the sock together.
Next, make two white circles 1″ in diameter and two eye color circles 6/8″ in diameter. Sew these pieces to the front of the sock, about 1/2″ above the wings. Make sure you leave enough room for the beak and crown. If you follow the measurements correctly you will have enough room.
Next, cut a beak shaped like a diamond and sew it to the front. Cut a triangle for the crown out of the primary wing color. The cut a strip of material that is the width of your crown piece and 2″ long. This will be your fastener. Sew the crown and material to the top of the case using the same loop stitch your main thread.
Finally, sew your button on the back, the middle of my button is 6/8″ down from the top if the sock. Cut a hole in the strip of material for the button hole. And there you have an owl iPhone sock!


Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl

So today I am getting back on my running game. Although I was not able to start off at week six where I had stopped, after almost a month of Neptune exercising I can run the week four routine! I plan to run Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday after work. Soon my work schedule will be changing however so the exercise schedule may change also! I wish I was one of those people who could wake up early and run, but I’m not. The only creepy part about my running is that im going to start running in the neighborhood I life guard in, so people will be somewhat confused by that. I’ll try to avoiding the questioning glances and stares.
Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl
P.S. I realized I messed up my days, I must have thought yesterday was Wednesday, so there is a treat of two posts today! Oops!


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