Update on My Journey

So I can’t pretend to not notice the gap in entries here, it’s been more than six months since my last post, and I’m getting pretty close to my April 1 deadline. So I decided to update you, so you know I haven’t been slacking.

I have gotten better in all aspects I set out to improve even though I haven’t been posting about it.

Now that I have a kitchen at school, I cook! I make a really good stir fry. Although I’m not a chef or anything, and don’t make a wide variety of meals, I have improved greatly from a year ago.

I am more involved in fashion. I am more daring with it and always get compliments when I wear something I wouldn’t have worn a year ago. Because I work on campus, I need to portray a put together look, you’d all be proud I haven’t left my room in sweats once this semester!

While I am not an active runner, I do enjoy going to the gym. A year ago I would have punched myself in the face for saying that, but I really enjoy the weight machines. I like feeling the results and not going actually makes me sad. I haven’t gone in a week because of spring break and it’s killing me!

I am a DIY fanatic. I am that girl with a sewing machine in her dorm room. I look making crafts and have even taken up knitting! When I look around my dorm room and notice all the things I’ve made I get very happy, much happier than I would have just from buying the pieces.

And beauty is where I’ve really improved. Now that I’m 21 I actually go out to bars and do my makeup. I’ve mastered lip color and smoky eye I’m pretty good at. I’m working on a cat eye, I just need new liner.

So I have improved. I realize now how unrealistic a goal of a post everyday was, it takes so much more time than I expected. Maybe the goal will change, maybe not. Maybe I’ll never post on here again. There are so many aspects of my life that don’t change day to day, but after looking back over a year, it’s amazing how different my life was, and how different I was.

The Average Girl


Harry Potter Fashion

In honor of the last Harry Potter movie, which I am also using as the ending point of my childhood, I will be creating looks from the Harry Potter books series. In Harry Potter there are four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Each of these houses has its own colors and symbols that I will base looks off of. So if you are headed to a Harry Potter themed movie or a midnight showing of the last movie (like I am) try one of these looks on for size.

Each look has basic school uniform items. For girls, I recommend a sweater in the house’s color instead of a sweater vest and tie. I used shorts for these outfits because finding a grey pleated skirt was proving very difficult. Te blazer can be replaced with a cloak or a peacoat and flats with other black shoes.

First there is Gryffindor. If you are a Gryffindor, and you would follow the saying: “You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve, and chivalry, set Gryffindors apart.” Their colors are burgundy and gold and their symbol is the lion.

Next there is Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff’s saying goes, “You may belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil.” Their colors are yellow and black and their symbol is a badger.

Third there is Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw’s saying states, “Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, If you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind.” Their colors are blue and bronze and their symbol is an eagle.

Finally there is Slytherin. Slytherin’s saying goes, “Or perhaps in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means, to achieve their ends.” Their colors are dark green and silver and their symbol is a snake.

Basically the looks all have the same key elements of a school uniform which can usually be found in most people’s closets. The only difference is the key color pieces and the accessories pertaining to the houses.

Women’s Look

  • Blazer: Target, $29.99
  • White button down: Forever 21, $18.90
  • Grey shorts: Forever 21, $17.80
  • Knee high socks: Target, $4.00
  • Black flats: Payless, $19.99
  • Cardigan: Target, $15.00
  • Lion necklace: t-boo.shopify.com, 7 Euro
  • Gold headband: Forever 21, $1.50
  • Badger necklace: Brookstonejewelry.com, $245.00
  • Black headband: Forever 21, $1.50
  • Eagle necklace: Amazon, $13.57
  • Blue headband: Forever 21, $1.50
  • Snake necklace: Amazon, $19.99
  • Silver headband: Forever 21, $1.50

Men’s Look

  • Suit jacket: Macys, $119.98
  • White button down: Macys,  $17.99
  • Black pants: Macys,  $75
  • Sweater vest: Hot Topic, $40.50
  • Tie: Macys, $49.50
  • Lion cufflinks: Amazon, $29.99
  • Badger cufflinks: No longer available
  • Eagle cufflinks: $28.99
  • Snake cufflinks: $32.99
Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl

DIY: IPhone Sock

This week I decided that I needed to make an iPhone case. I found a picture on tumblr (actually my first reblogged post) and decided to make an owl iPhone case.
What you will need:
-three primary felt colors or one patterned fabric
-white felt, orange or yellow felt (beak), eye color felt
-a thread color that is dark (or light) enough to see on the three colors
-thread to match eyes and beak
-an iPhone
To start, take your base felt and wrap it around your iPhone. I left my case on while I did this because I have a case on my phone. Sew together two sides leaving the top if the sick open. Use big loop stitches so you can see the thread.
Next, take your base wing and line a corner up with the corner of the left side of the sock. You should angle the wing to cut it like a rounded circle about two inches down from the top of the case. Take the shape you have just cut and make another wing out of your other fabric. If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure you use it as a base wing.
Now sew your wings onto the front of the sock using the se big loop stitch. It can be difficult to sew sometimes, so make sure you don’t accidentally sew the sock together.
Next, make two white circles 1″ in diameter and two eye color circles 6/8″ in diameter. Sew these pieces to the front of the sock, about 1/2″ above the wings. Make sure you leave enough room for the beak and crown. If you follow the measurements correctly you will have enough room.
Next, cut a beak shaped like a diamond and sew it to the front. Cut a triangle for the crown out of the primary wing color. The cut a strip of material that is the width of your crown piece and 2″ long. This will be your fastener. Sew the crown and material to the top of the case using the same loop stitch your main thread.
Finally, sew your button on the back, the middle of my button is 6/8″ down from the top if the sock. Cut a hole in the strip of material for the button hole. And there you have an owl iPhone sock!


Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl

Book Review: The Almost Moon

One thing you can always count on with these posts is a book review, now that it’s summer. This week I read The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. She is also the writer of The Lovely Bones which in my opinion is a much better book than the one I am about to review.

Let’s just say I’m returning it.

The one thing I liked about this book was the fact that it took place around where I grew up, a fun fact for you all. But that’s really about it. This book focuses on a woman who kills her mother. You find out later in the book that her mother was mentally ill and had agoraphobia (fear of open places) and her father killed himself when she was younger. Basically this stories is the women’s (you judge whether sane or insane) process that she goes through after she kills her mother.

I really don’t recommend this book, it was not an intellectual thriller either. It didn’t pull me in and it didn’t really ever explain everything. But The Lovely Bones is a great book if you haven’t yet read it.

The Lovely Girl

Book Review: Water For Elephants

I decided I’m going to start doing my readings based of the Best Seller List. I know Water for Elephants isn’t a new book, but it topped the list and I happened to have it at my house. So if you don’t want the book (or the movie) spoiled, don’t read the part after the asterisks! And this book is fantastic and exciting, so I really suggest you not read the bottom!

Jacob Jankowski is a “ninety or ninety three” old man living in a nursing home. The book is based off of his memories which start back in his days at Cornell when he was enrolled, studying to be a veterinarian and work in the family business. But when his father and mother are killed in a horrible car accident, and Jacob finds that the house and business are owned by the bank, he has no where to go. Jacob sees a train rolling by and hops on. When the men in the car decide not to throw him off, he finds that he is part of the Benzini Brothers Most spectacular Show on Earth.


When Jacob jumps the train he meets Curly, Blackie and Grady. They deem that he should be able to get a job on the circus and Curly introduces him the ringmaster, Uncle Al, when the train stops. While Curly is looking for Uncle Al, Jacob stumbles into the big circus tent and sees a girl and a man talking. Jacob is stunned by the girl who wears a pink sequined, feathered dress. She turns around and smiles at him and he leaves the tent when Curly finds him. Before Jacob starts working as a vet, he is given a job as a guard in the cooch tent. The cooch tent is a tent where there is a stripping show. Jacob is a virgin, and he leaves the experience awed and dumbstruck. After Jacob is done guarding the tent, Curly finds him and offers him a bottle of Jake (Jamaican Ginger Extract) which is not to be used as an alcoholic beverage, but during prohibition it was all Curly could get his hands on. He offers some to Jacob but he declines and he learns that Curly has a son his age. Curly tries to ask Uncle Al again for a job, but Uncle Al dismisses Curly. Later on Earl, a train guard, helps Jacob out by pretending that he was a train jumper and now is when Uncle Al gives him a job as the official vet. He is above the working class, halfway in the performers class, and is given a spot in the horse car, where he will share a room with a grumpy clown named Kinko. When he talks to Uncle Al, the girl in pink is also there. Jacob learnes her name is Marlena and that she is married to the equestrian director named August.

There is a flashback to Jacob in the retirement home. There is a new resident who moves in when the circus comes to town. He claims to Jacob’s friends that he carried water for the elephants (hence the name of the book) and Jacob yells that he is lying and is taken back to his room. The next day Jacob complains about his food and accidently pushes his tray off the table and is deemed necessary of an antidepressant. There is a nice nurse there, Rosemary, who Jacob starts to get attached to and she starts to care about him as well.

The next day, Jacob examines the horse show’s lead horse, Silver Star, and discovers that the horse will never perform again. Marlena is there when he finds out and August tries to comfort her, telling her Jacob will take good care of the horse. But Jacob knows the horse won’t get better. The train is packed up again, Uncle Al has heard of another circus that just went under, and rushes to pick up some of their things.

When the train stops the next day, Jacob is leaving his cart when August is telling men to unload the horses. Jacob tells them not to unload Silver Star and this sets August off. August tells Jacob that he needs to help feeds the cats, and to feed the cats you get in their cages. When Jacob drops down into the cage, the cat bites him on the arm, but the cat has no teeth. August acts like it is all a big joke, but Jacob storms off. Later, Jacob is invited to a party at August and Marlena’s car. When August is drunk and has to be put to bed, Marlena reveals that sometimes he has strange moments that he can be the most charming man in the world or the craziest. The next morning, Jacob finds out that Silver Star needs to be put down and finds out later that his meat was fed to the cats whose meat had spoiled.

The circus arrives at the other circus that had collapsed and Uncle Al purchases an elephant. Her name is Rosie, but she doesn’t respond to any commands and basically is a dud. That night, Kinko is throwing a party in their car and Jacob gets drunk. During this time the lady from the cooch tent, Barbara, and her friend Nell find out that Jacob is a virgin, and seek to change that. But Jacob has had more than he can handle, and throws up on Nell. the next morning he wakes up ashamed, but Kinko, now Walter, and his dog, Queenie, and Jacob are friends. The next morning, August finds Jacob and tells him to find Marlena and make sure she doesn’t go near the front of the train because they are killing the other cirsus’ horses for their meat. But when Jacob finds Marlena in her car, she is upset because she is watching August trying to command and knows that August is killing the other circus’ horses for their meat. Jacob holds Marlena in the car as she cries.

The next day, August apologizes to Jacob for being rough on him and invites him to a club at night. The taxi drives them and Jacob, August, and Marlena arrive at an underground club where there is still alcohol. August takes Marlena on the dance floor and when he leaves to get drinks, Marlena and Jacob dance. While they are dancing there is a raid on the club, and Jacob sees August staring at them fuming. They lose August in the chaos, and Jacob and Marlena escape into an alley. Jacob kisses Marlena, and she leaves him to find his own way home.

The next day, Uncle al puts Rosie in the parade and since the elephant doesn’t understand commands, Marlena gets hurt when Rosie runs out of the arena. Rosie is taken out of the show but not before she escapes into the town. A polish man named Greg retrieves Rosie by giving her whiskey, which elephants apparently love. When Rosie is back, August goes to her tent to teach her a lesson and Jacob is horrified.

Later in the week, Camel is sick and Marlena offers her doctor to Jacob when he is finished with her. The doctor diagnoses Camel with Jamaica Ginger Paralysis from drinking the Jake, Jacob remembers the batch Camel offered him and is glad he didn’t drink from it. Jacob knows he will be red lighted (thrown from the train) so he hides Camel in his and Walter’s car. They find his son and he agrees to meet them in two weeks at one of the stops.

Marlena is better soon and Jacob witnesses one of her shows. He is mesmerized by her and finds his attraction for her growing stronger. Then someone starts stealing the lemonade and it is later found out that it is Rosie. While August goes to beat her again, Marlena reveals everyhting about August. That she met a charmingly handsome man one day, married him the next, and then found out his true self. Later that night, Walter brings whiskey and Jacob takes it as a treat to Rosie. Here he learns that when Greg speaks in Polish, Rosie obeys! Uncle Al puts on a spectacular show with Rosie later in the week and the show is only getting better.

Marlena decides that she is going to throw August a surprise party and Jacob and Rosie are invited. They are set up in a tent with Rosie and a dinner table. When August comes in Jacob pops the champagne and they yell surprise, but August is furious. He accuses the pair of cheating together and Jacob and him get in a fight. Later August brings Marlena back to their car, where he hits her.  Marlena leaves him, and Jacob goes to find her a hotel in town. After she has a hotel room, Uncle Al talks to Jacob and tries to persuade him to get Marlena and August back together. He tells Jacob that August is schizophrenic, but that the show will fall apart if August and Marlena can;t work together. When Jacob says he won;t help, Uncle Al reveals that he knows about Camel. Jacob has to agree.

Jacob goes to make sure that Marlena is okay when he finds out August was going hotel to hotel. At the hotel they sleep together, and Jacob tells Marlena he loves her, and she tells him back. Jacob and Marlena plan to leave the show as soon as they give Camel to his son. Marelna later reveals to Jacob that she is pregnant, and Jacob knows it is time to leave. When August ruins the show by grabbing Marlena offstage, Jacob hops from car to car and plans to kill August. When he reaches the car however, August is so peaceful in sleep but Jacob leaves the knife he carried as a reminder. When Jacob reaches his car, Walter and Jacob are gone and the door is throw open. He realizes that they have been readlighted over a bridge, a gesture that was meant for Jacob himself, ordered by the man he spared.

Marlena and Jacob plan to leave immediately after the show. Marlena goes back to her car to get her money, and Jacob goes with Grady to get lunch at a grease cart. Grady tells Jacob that they plan to punish Uncle Al, that Camel was the last straw. While they are eating, the band strikes up the disaster march, something has gone terribly wrong. Jacob runs to the menagerie to find Marlena.

Inside there is a stampede. He sees Marlean standing near Rosie, and August is facing away from her, screaming at the animals running. Jacob watches as Rosie lifts her metal stake out of the ground and hits August on the back of the head, killing him and pushing him into the stampede. Jacob doesn’t know if Marlena saw Rosie kill August.

The circus collapses. Other circuses come to pick up the Benzini Brother’s goods. When they try to buy Rosie and Marlena’s horses, Jacob can;t tlet them and suddenly they now have these animals in their possesion. Jacob calls Cornell and asks to retake his exams, which he will be allowed to do. The only thing to do, is to join Ringling.

The book goes back to Jacob as an old man. his family never showed to take him to the circus. He sneaks out of the retirement home and meets a man who he tells that he was part of the Benzini Brother’s during the stampede. The man invites him to his trailer after the show. Jacob tells him his whole story and when the cops come looking for him, the man pretends Jacob is his father. Jacob convinces him to let him stay on the road with him to sell tickets. He is home.

How to Make your Nails Grow Faster

So I royally messed up my nails. I have a tendency to peel them, and I have peeled a majority of them to the skin. I have hangnails and it’s just gross basically. So with my Sally Hansen growth nail polish down at my mom’s house, I need some at home remedies to make my nails grow longer faster, because they hurt.

The first thing I found from many sites was that milk is the best way to make your nails grow. Nails are protein deposits (like hair) and the more protein you have the stronger and longer your nails are. Also other protein rich foods like chicken will help nails grow.

Also stimulating blood to the nails is key. If you have a job where you are typing all day this is good news for you! Unfortunately I am a lifeguard which means that I would have to sit there tapping my fingers against my leg or a table and that is another habit I do not want to form. I think I’ll skip this piece of advice.

And the best way to make nails stronger and longer is to have weekly manicures. If you’ve ever noticed how much better your nails feel after manicure this is enough proof for you to try it. If I wasn’t a student most of the year I would do this, but I’m not rolling in any excess money.

I will definatly be trying the milk thing, I’ve been trying to eat healthier anyway and milk is an excellent way to do that. And maybe I’ll try getting manicures once a month at least. I’m 20 and I’ve only had two in my life!

Tomorrow will be something new,

The Average Girl

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

I have been looking forward to making this magnetic makeup board since I found the original picture on tumblr. It’s not perfect and I didn’t take pictures of the step by step, but I think I’ll be able to explain it okay. Here is a picture of the original:

 This is what you will need to make my version of the board

– 3 12″ by 12″ pieces of card stock, what ever colors or patterns you want, I used green pink and a pattern paisley piece

– 4 paper clips

– Magnets

– Magnetic white board

– Scrapbook Mounting Squares (REQUIRED, tape will not work as well)

– Your makeup

First, measure your card stock to your magnetic white board. Next when you have cut the cardstock to the appropriate size, place mounting squares around the edges of the cardstock, sticking it to the board.

Next, take your second piece of card stock and make a frame around the white board. This is only necessary if your white board has a frame. I couldn’t find a wooden frame like the picture above that fit my white board, but if you can find one go for it! Stick your paper frame on with the mounting squares and smooth.

Now you are going to make your brush and other makeup cups. Take your card stock and cut a piece that is large enough to fold over to create a sturdy cup. Place the ends together and put the paper clips about 1 1/2″ down from the ends. Now fold the ends away from each other to make a flat side. Now tape the loose pieces of paper together and tape the flat side to the cylindrical container. Now cut an overside circle for the bottom taping the extra pieces on the inside of the cylinder. Place magnets on the back of the cylinders with mounting tape.

Finally place magnets on the back of your makeup with the mounting tape and put your brushes and other makeup in the cylinders and viola! you have yourself a makeup board!

 Tomorrow will be something new!

The Average Girl