DIY: Ribbon Sweater

For my first DIY project I decided on a project that I was planning on doing to fix a sweater I bought. The sweater had started to rip along the collar seams so I figured placing a ribbon along the neck would prevent further ripping. I also added another personal touch too.

What you will need for this project is:

  • A sweater
  • A needle
  • Thread (that matches the color of the ribbon you will be using)
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • 1 yard of ribbon

First, fold the end of the ribbon over so there is a straight edge. Sew this to the sweater on the shoulder seam. Note where you are sewing this, I sewed mine a half of an inch (1.5 cms) down from the collar.

Second, sew the top of the ribbon (there will be two rows of stitching, one on the top and one on the bottom) all the way around making sure you are keeping the measurment of the ribbon to the top of the collar the same. Sew all the way to the opposite shoulder seam, not onto the back of the sweater.

Third, Fold the ribbon like you did in the first step and sew this to the sweater seam.

Fourth, Sew down the ribbon and sew along the bottom of the ribbon until you reach the first shoulder seam.

Now you will have a sweater like shown below:

Now it is up to you whether to add a bow. I added one because I wanted the sweater to have a unique touch.

To add the bow:

First cut a 6 1/2 inch long piece of ribbon. Cut the ends so that they form a ribbon edge. To do this take the ribbon and fold it in half hot dog style. from the folded edge cut diagonally down to the end of the ribbon. This will make a ribbon edge.

Second, take the ribbon and fold it in half.

The third part can get a little tricky. After folding the ribbon in half place the ribbon on the table with you fingers still holding the ribbon, but the palms of your hands and fingers facing downward. Next take your other hand and push the loop of the ribbon down so that the resulting shape will look almost like a bow. Sew the two sides together with one stitch, wrapped around three times to hold.

Next take a spare piece of thread and tie it in the center, between the two bottom pieces of the bow. This will create the classic bow shape. Next when the bow is turned over there will be two small loops. take another piece of spare thread and tie up both loops so that they create a triangle shape. Do this to both sides.

Now you have a bow, that has volume, and will look perfect on your sweater.

Good luck with this, I hope my directions will help. And if any help is needed, please comment below.

Tomorrow will be something new.

The Average Girl


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