DIY: Flower Necklace

This week I found a cut necklace on I really liked it, but thought it would be a great necklace to try to make. Here is a picture of the original:

But it was 26 dollars, so I thought I could make my own!

First I went to a fabric store and asked them to cute my color selection to five inches. This is important because you don;t want to have a yard of each color that you won’t end up using. Ask the fabric store you are going to what the minimum size they can cute fabric to is.

Also from the fabric store I picked up a cloth necklace. I has to be cloth, it can’t be leather or metal because later you will need to sew the flowers to the necklace itself. I also picked up some funky buttons, but found more just looking through my old sewing box. A variety of buttons is important here, because you can’t have the same button on each flower.

Next I have a list of materials needed:

  • Different materials (I have four different colors, the necklace shown has five, choose whichever you think is better)
  • A variety of buttons
  • threads that are the same color (or close to) the fabric
  • A needle
  • Scissors
  • Cloth Necklace

Your first step will be to cut the material you have into 5 inch by 5 inch squares. Next take those squares and cut them into circles, mine came out the be 4 inches in diameter.

Next take the circles and sew around the border in a circle. You don’t have to be careful about your stitching here, the stitches don’t have to be small or perfect. I recommend not pulling the needle all the way through the material until it has bunched up on the needle, this saves a lot of time.

Do this all the way around the perimeter of the material and then pull tight. It should look like you have a little satchel or coin purse. This will form the base of the flower. After you have sewed this shut, push the middle of the flower in and sew it to the bottom of the satchel.

On the front, you can either place another flower on top of this one or sew a button to make the center of the flower. Do this for as many flowers as you want, I picked six to make the necklace somewhat asymmetrical. Then you will have a selection of flowers:

Next, layout the flowers as you want to see them on the necklace. Try out a few different combinations and find the one you like best.

Now you can sew these flowers onto the necklace. To do that, I first made a knot in the thread. Usually I don’t knot but here you need to knot and sew through the necklace, not just loop around the necklace. Now sew through the back of the flowers, attaching them to the necklace. You only need to sew through the necklace on the first stitch then you can loop around the necklace to hold the flower in place. Sew all the flowers on repeating this method. Make sure they are close enough to look like they slightly overlap.

Now the flowers have to be sewed together so they don’t flip over while you are wearing the necklace. Sew them together at the overlapping point paying close attention to not have the thread showing on the outside. This shouldn’t be a problem, just only sew through the bottom layer of the top flower.

Now you have your finished necklace!

As always, tomorrow will be something new!

The Average Girl




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