How to Get the Perfect Brows

Did you ever wonder how those girls, those beautiful girls you see, have perfect eyebrows? These days eyebrows are generally thicker, not thin like they used to be, and no one uses pencil anymore.

I have a few steps on how to get the perfect brow that I use every time I do my eyebrows. These are instructions for plucking, though if you wax these steps will work too.

First look at your face in the mirror. Whether you have thick, thin, long, short, arched, or not, your eyebrows can be managed.

1. Find your inner tear duct. This is the invisible line you will use to determine the distance between your eyebrows. Go straight vertically to the top of your head and from the middle of your nose to that line (on each side) is where you will pluck and widen the brows. Some girls have more hair here which makes there face look smaller, just make sure you never pluck beyond that line! I’ve done it a few times, never turns out well.

2. Find your arch line. To do this, you find the point of your nose and draw a 45 degree angle towards the hairline. This will be the highest point in the brow. Now if you don’t have a distinguishable arch (I don’t) do this as well as possible, but don;t go overboard trying to get that perfect arch, some of us just don’t have a definite arch.

3. Find the end of the brow. To do this, draw another 45 degree line from the base of the nostril up to the hairline. The line should barely make it past the outside of your eye. Now pluck any hairs that fall beyond this point.

Make sure you shape the brows and don’t overpluck! This process takes time, no one just magically has perfect brows no matter what Hollywood says. If your brows are thicker, or thinner, embrace this! You’ll look better being you than looking like a mannequin.


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