High-Waisted Skirt

A high-waisted skirt is the newest trend that I love! I had two high-waisted to the knee skirts from the year before, but both were flowy skirts. This year I got a black tight skirt, a black loose skirt, and a flowery skirt which are all to mid-thigh.

Vanessa Hudgens wearing Myne

The important part is to pair the top as a reverse of the bottom. Tight skirt and loose top; loose skirt and tight shirt. If you want to wear tight with tight just make sure you wear an accessory, like a belt or a ruffle on the shirt. You don’t want to have the skin tight look. Loose can also look good if everything is not too loose. The trick is not to look sloppy, this is a look that has some polish to it. I think any shoes work, from flip-flops to fashion sneakers (just not running sneakers).

Print is also important. Mixing prints is good, but if you want to go with basic colors that works too. If you have one bright, use that as the focal point and dress all other pieces down, just as Vanessa Hudgens does in her Myne skirt.

Wearing a jacket or sweater over your high-waisted skirt is also touchy. Pair a loose cardigan with a tighter skirt, and a fitted jacket with a loose skirt. I like a classic black blazer you can find one in almost any store and at any price range. Cardigans are also an important item, somethign every girl should have in her closet and as essential as a pair of sweat pants. I like to add color that coordinates with some part of the shirt or skirt like in a flower petal. That way when I put the cardigan on I look more put together.

Rachel Bilson, unknown designer

To mix prints I would recommend doing it with basic colors unless you are going for a Lady Gaga or eighties look. Greys, navy, blacks, and whites all look great together, such as Rachel Bilson.

Hair is also an important factor in the high-waisted skirt. I like loose hair with a loose skirt and an updo with a tighter skirt. But hair still has to be polished, beach waves are cute, but avoid the frizzy look with a little frizz serum. If doing an updo, use a wax or pomade to keep fly-aways down. A front braid or headband also works.

Accessories are our last stop. My favorite accessory is a necklace. I am obsessed with necklaces and costume jewelry. Bangles also look great nice to a loose skirt. Nylons are also good, patterned or not but with summer approaching bare legs is the way to go. Also a slouchy, oversize purse is better, nobody is into the stiff purses right now.

High-waisted skirts are great outfits. If you try them, you either love them or hate them but I love them. I can already tell they will be my signature summer piece, since they’ve already made their way into my fall and spring clothing!

Tomorrow will be something new.

The Average Girl


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