DIY Project: Journal

I am almost out of space in the journal I got for my sixteenth birthday. I have written in until the end, and although I don’t write everyday my journal has gotten me through half of high school and half of college. I thought a DIY journal would be the best thing to make, especially since I am waiting on a pay check.
I found materials around my dorm room in order to make this and printed out textiles from the internet.
I used:

  • Cardboard (from the bottom of a 40 pack of water)
  • Ribbon or binder rings
  • Hole punch
  • Lined paper or plain paper (for the inside)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Colored paper
  • Glue stick (make sure it goes on clear)

To start: Cut the cardboard into two equal halves. Next cover the cardboard with your base colored paper. I chose light blue.
 Finish taping your base color on both pieces of cardboard. If you don’t like the unfinished look on the inside, cover the rest with paper on the inside and cover the tape with a glue stick.
Next pick a second color, I picked brown, to make the cover two tone. Place this piece about three inches over from the side where you will open the journal.
Next make some decorations! I picked daisies. To cut the daisies I folded paper in half and cut up and down to make half of a daisy shape. I made two large daisies rather than a few small ones. When you place the daisy down, Cover the edges with the glue stick and make sure it will go on clear. This will hold the edges to the journal. For the center I just put a pink circle.
 Next comes the book pages. I like lined paper because I only write I don’t draw. But if you like to draw or don’t like the confines of lined paper, use computer paper or linen paper.
Next I made the letters. If you have stickers or a stencil then I would recommend using that, or if you are amazing at calligraphy. I am not, and did not have stickers, so I cut letters out of the same color as the inside of the flower and just spelled out journal. If you want to put your name or anything else this is the time to be creative.
Now hole punch both the front and back cover equally to make sure the sides fit together evenly. And punch all the paper evenly. Place the ribbons or binder rings through the holes to make a journal. Don’t staple or tape your pages together, they should be able to flip.
 And now you have a journal!
Special Note: If you want the pages to last, but binder hole stockers around the holes you have punched in the paper to make sure they don’t tear out.
Tomorrow will be something new.
The Average Girl


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