Is it safe to wear someone else’s contacts?

I don’t have a contact prescription so I use my roommate’s contacts (of course they are not opened or used by her previously, ew). My boyfriend always tells me this is bad for my eyes and not to do it. Her contact prescription is the same as my glasses prescription and I do know usually these numbers don’t match up exactly, they aren’t that different.

So I got to thinking, is it safe to wear someone else’s contacts if their prescription is similar to your own?

As I started reading these things online, people were really freaking out about using someone else’s PRE-USED contacts. I’m not sure who would do that, but it seems like a bad idea from all of the things I have read, eye infections and what not so I you were thinking about doing this, I just wouldn’t

Another thing I found out is that the curve of the eye matters, and if your curve is not the same as the other persons then this can cause irritation to  corneal ulcers or abrasions. Yikes! I thought contacts were basically the same because they are produced in mass quantities but apparantly everyone is different.

Also there is the fact of the contacts causing your eyes to be over corrected or under corrected. If it’s not too big of a difference your eyes will adjust themselves, but remember the reason you started wearing glasses. If you get too crazy with the different contacts you will start to get headaches cause by your eye going through too much stress.

Those are the basic reasons why you shouldn’t wear other people’s contacts. While I’ve learned that this can cause eye irritation (which I get from time to time wearing them), for my the good outweighs the bad in this case. I will be getting my own contacts in about a month and since I don’t wear borrowed contacts often (about once every two weeks if that) I don;t think it should be a problem. But if you wear contacts every day, and believe me I can’t wait to, I suggest going to your doctor and buying your own. It will be worth it.

Tomorrow will be something new.

The Average Girl

Happy Easter!


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