Last Minute Prom Shopping

My little sister is going to her senior prom soon and I was reminiscing about my own prom, remembering the fact that my prom dress came two days before my prom while I was mentally freaking out the entire time. So if you made a last minute decision to go to prom or had a dress snafu, look no further for your last minute prom selection! Below are five styles for you to choose from with information on each!

Romantic Prom: Romance is in the air with this girly prom dress!

Dress: Bloomingdale’s $141

Earrings: Forever 21 $3.80

Necklace: Claire’s $16.50

Heels: $24

Clutch: Forever 21 $12

Couture Prom: Looking to stand out? Start with this one-of-a-kind prom look!

Dress: Cache $228

Shoes: Bloomingdale’s $89

Clutch: Forever 21 $17

Ring: Forever 21 $4.80

Wild Prom: Have a wild and fun prom night while being the center of attention with this vibrant print!

Dress: $81

Bracelets: Forever 21 $4.80

Earrings: Forever 21 $3.80

Shoes: Bloomingdale’s $90

Elegant Prom: Feel like a queen in this regal prom dress. Finish with a low smooth bun.

Dress: Bloomingdale’s $270

Shoes: $23

Clutch: Forever 21 $13

Bracelet: Claire’s $9

Earrings: Claire’s $12.50

Classic Prom: The perfect ball gown for the perfect night! Also available in hot pink.

Dress: DEB $100

Shoes: Payless $17

Necklace: Claire’s $10.50

Clutch: Forever 21 $15

Pretty Prom: Start with a beautiful floral dress and finish off with beautiful classic accessories.

Dress: Cache $208

Shoes: Payless $17

Clutch: Forever 21 $15

Necklace: Claire’s $16.50

If you are looking for any last minute easy to find prom looks all of these items are available to order offline. For these pictures, I used so I don’t have them linked, but if you can’t find the item easily, check out my tumblr where all the links are posted at

Tomorrow will be something new.

The Average Girl


2 thoughts on “Last Minute Prom Shopping

  1. Jessica says:

    Love the outfit sets! I’m shopping this Thursday for my prom dress – aiming for a ‘romantic’ look according to this guide haha. I love short dresses :)

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