DIY: Angry Birds Sleep Mask

I am currently making an Angry Birds sleepmask I found on tumblr. Here is the original version.

What you will need:

  • Black, Red, Orange and White felt
  • Matching thread in each color
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thin elastic (7″)
To start, cut a black rectangle that is as wide as from your forehead to the end of your nose and from temple to temple for the length. Round the edges of the rectangle and create the half bean shape above. I will continue to refer to it as the red rectangle.
Next cut a red rectangle with rounded edges that will fit inside the black rectangle leaving about 1/3″ of the black edge showing.
Next we will cut the tuft of feathers. Fold the red material in half and cut a long, skinny heart. Sew this to the black rectangle, placing the end of the heart in the center of the black rectangle and an inch down. Sew along where the red meets the black.
Next sew the red rectangle onto the black rectangle overlapping the tuft of feathers.
When this is finished, cut a white semi circle to use for the belly. Make sure you round these edges slightly. Sew this to the red rectangle. When sewing from now on, use large noticeable stitching to create a texture. Do this on all pieces except the beak.
Next cut two semi circle to the eyes. Sew this to the red rectangle also, leaving space for the beak and eyebrows.
Next cut the orange material for the beak. The bottom rectangle should be a equilateral triangle and the top a scalene triangle (If you google these images you should get a better idea). Next sew the beak to the red triangle, overlapping the belly and eyes when needed.
With the black material cut two small circles for the eyes. I tried to use buttons before, but I got the Coraline effect and it scared me. Don’t sew them on yet. Next, cut a peice of material for the eyebrows about 1/2″ wide to 2 1/2″ long. Keep the bottom straight, but cut the top into a slight V. Pin the eyebrows (or eyebrow technically) to cover the white eyes and slightly the black pupils to create the furrowed brow.
Now sew the eyes on like you would sew a two hole button on to something. Sew around the edges of the eyebrows.
Finally sew the elastic to the back of the sleep mask.
And there you have it! An Angry Birds sleep mask :)
 (The right black rectangle is a little folded under, but I don’t feel like taking a new picture)
Tomorrow will be something new!
The Average Girl

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