Ten Ways to Build your College Wardrobe Over the Summer

There are key items that every college girl needs and some of them you may have never had before. From an actual girl in college who survived her first rainy semester without rain boots listen to this advice.

1. A pair of wear every day jeans

Forever 21 $10.95

They don’t have to be expensive. My absolute favorite jeans are from Forever 21 and they are ten dollars. I wear them almost everyday. I’d go with a dark wash which you can wear with anything. I also like skinny jeans, but boot cuts are great too.

2. A sports bra or two

Dicks Sporting Goods $28

Even if you won’t be playing a college sport, a sports bra is necessary. One painful year of zumba with an underwire taught me that lesson. But they can also be great for lounging days.

3. Rain boots

Zappos.com $125

I cannot stress how important rain boots are. Through high school I never owned rain boots, but in college I don’t see a girl without them on when it is raining. You will be walking around campus a lot even if you go to large school where they have buses or are a commuter. Believe me, somehow it is different than high school.

4. Black dress pants

NY & Company $42.95

There will be important events where you will need black pants. Whether it is an internship fair or a meeting with heads of your departments, balck pants will always come in handy.

5. Sweat attire

School Sweatshirt (cost will depend on your school)

Sweatshirts and sweatpants with your schools name on them are a necessity. Whether they are for the hoodie comfort of cramming all night or the baggy sweatpants of coming home from a full day of classes, school sweats are a must.

6. A good book bag

Dicks Sporting Goods $85

I carried around a Jansport book bag for two years that had no padding in the back and the entire bottom was ripped along the material line and when I switched a North Face, I couldn’t believe the difference. Having a sturdy book bag is necessary for carrying everything from laptops to biology textbooks.

7. Cardigans

J. Crew $62

Cardigans are a great way to make a simple tank, jeans, and flip flops feel more structured and polished. I have cardigans in neutral colors right now gray and navy blue, but I am currently searching for a coral, yellow and chocolate brown. Cardigans are versatile and are great in every color.

8. Tights and leggings

American Apparel $28

If you aren’t into leggings that is fine. I, on the other hand, love them and also am really into tights. Now don’t make the mistake I did freshman year. Don’t wear tights as leggings, no one will ever let you live that down. Now tights are what you wear under skirts, I’m really into black and black patterned tights, haven’t ventured into color yet. But leggings are thick and if you find a pair for five dollars don’t buy them! You want your leggings to be thick and soft. You’ll never take them off.

9. Flats

Payless $29.99

I am not the type of girl to wear heels around campus. I think it looks stupid and you look like you are trying too hard. But I do love flats, just like cardigans flats have the ability to dress up any outfit. Right now I have just one pair of black flats but I am also looking for some leopard print ones.

10. Something that is all you

I wear necklaces. I always get compliments on the necklaces that I wear and everyone knows I have a huge necklace collection. My old roommate is a scarf girl, she always has one on. Pick an item that you love and wear it often, but with variation. You don’t want to be the girl that wears the exact same blue sweater everyday, even if you do wash it. You don’t have to change your style just because you are going to college, believe me it will change all on its own.

As you can see this list is a work in progress even for me. College is about turning into the person you are supposed to be so don’t get too caught up on the particulars of this list, you will evolve into your own person. If you get one thing from this list make it be the rain boots. You’ll thank me later.

Tomorrow will be something new,

The Average Girl


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