What to Wear to a Wedding

There are three basic types of wedding venues, an outdoor wedding, a beach wedding, and a church wedding. Below you will find looks for each! I’m just going to give looks for summer, maybe i’ll redo this list in the fall!

First, the outdoor wedding. I like to stick to bright colors in the summer and bold floral designs are also good. Depending on the time of day will determine the material your dress will be made of, if a morning/afternoon wedding cotton is fine but a late afternoon/night wedding requires a richer (or shinier) material.

Dress: Leifsdottir, $298, bloomingdales.com

Shoes: Guess, $90, bloomingdales.com

Bracelet: R J Graziano, $55, bloomingdales.com

Earrings: Forever 21, $4.80

Eyes: Bare Escentuals, Smoky “V” Eye

Lips: Bobbi Brown, $22, bloomingdales.com


Next is a beach wedding which requires a light flowy dress. Here I wouldn’t wear a a dark color, a bright color is okay but black is inappropriate on a beach. Whether you have a destination wedding or a small wedding on the Jersey Shore, this look is the way to go.

Dress: Donna Morgan, $158, nordstrom.com

Shoes: Forever 21, $17

Ring: Forever 21, $4.80

Necklace: Forever 21, $8.80

Clutch: Nordstrom, $78

Lips: Clinique, $14

Eyes: Bare Escentuals, $13


Finally is the church wedding. At a church wedding you need to cover up slightly and will most likely have a more formal reception. This is a look that transforms from church to night with no switch of accessories.

Dress: David Meister, $168, nordstrom.com

Shoes: Forever 21, $23

Bracelet: Claires, $9.50

Earrings: Carolee, $45, bloomingdales.com

Eyes: Benefit, $32, bloomingdales.com

Lips: Estee Lauder, $24, bloomingdales.com


Any of these looks will make a great summer look for a wedding. Now just do your best to stay on that open bar and avoid punching your aunt in the face for hysterically crying over the wedding vows, and don’t fall in those heels. Happy Shopping!

Tomorrow will be something new,

The Average Girl


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