How to Make your Nails Grow Faster

So I royally messed up my nails. I have a tendency to peel them, and I have peeled a majority of them to the skin. I have hangnails and it’s just gross basically. So with my Sally Hansen growth nail polish down at my mom’s house, I need some at home remedies to make my nails grow longer faster, because they hurt.

The first thing I found from many sites was that milk is the best way to make your nails grow. Nails are protein deposits (like hair) and the more protein you have the stronger and longer your nails are. Also other protein rich foods like chicken will help nails grow.

Also stimulating blood to the nails is key. If you have a job where you are typing all day this is good news for you! Unfortunately I am a lifeguard which means that I would have to sit there tapping my fingers against my leg or a table and that is another habit I do not want to form. I think I’ll skip this piece of advice.

And the best way to make nails stronger and longer is to have weekly manicures. If you’ve ever noticed how much better your nails feel after manicure this is enough proof for you to try it. If I wasn’t a student most of the year I would do this, but I’m not rolling in any excess money.

I will definatly be trying the milk thing, I’ve been trying to eat healthier anyway and milk is an excellent way to do that. And maybe I’ll try getting manicures once a month at least. I’m 20 and I’ve only had two in my life!

Tomorrow will be something new,

The Average Girl


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