Book Review: The Almost Moon

One thing you can always count on with these posts is a book review, now that it’s summer. This week I read The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. She is also the writer of The Lovely Bones which in my opinion is a much better book than the one I am about to review.

Let’s just say I’m returning it.

The one thing I liked about this book was the fact that it took place around where I grew up, a fun fact for you all. But that’s really about it. This book focuses on a woman who kills her mother. You find out later in the book that her mother was mentally ill and had agoraphobia (fear of open places) and her father killed himself when she was younger. Basically this stories is the women’s (you judge whether sane or insane) process that she goes through after she kills her mother.

I really don’t recommend this book, it was not an intellectual thriller either. It didn’t pull me in and it didn’t really ever explain everything. But The Lovely Bones is a great book if you haven’t yet read it.

The Lovely Girl


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