DIY: IPhone Sock

This week I decided that I needed to make an iPhone case. I found a picture on tumblr (actually my first reblogged post) and decided to make an owl iPhone case.
What you will need:
-three primary felt colors or one patterned fabric
-white felt, orange or yellow felt (beak), eye color felt
-a thread color that is dark (or light) enough to see on the three colors
-thread to match eyes and beak
-an iPhone
To start, take your base felt and wrap it around your iPhone. I left my case on while I did this because I have a case on my phone. Sew together two sides leaving the top if the sick open. Use big loop stitches so you can see the thread.
Next, take your base wing and line a corner up with the corner of the left side of the sock. You should angle the wing to cut it like a rounded circle about two inches down from the top of the case. Take the shape you have just cut and make another wing out of your other fabric. If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure you use it as a base wing.
Now sew your wings onto the front of the sock using the se big loop stitch. It can be difficult to sew sometimes, so make sure you don’t accidentally sew the sock together.
Next, make two white circles 1″ in diameter and two eye color circles 6/8″ in diameter. Sew these pieces to the front of the sock, about 1/2″ above the wings. Make sure you leave enough room for the beak and crown. If you follow the measurements correctly you will have enough room.
Next, cut a beak shaped like a diamond and sew it to the front. Cut a triangle for the crown out of the primary wing color. The cut a strip of material that is the width of your crown piece and 2″ long. This will be your fastener. Sew the crown and material to the top of the case using the same loop stitch your main thread.
Finally, sew your button on the back, the middle of my button is 6/8″ down from the top if the sock. Cut a hole in the strip of material for the button hole. And there you have an owl iPhone sock!


Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl


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