This blog is a self journey. It’s a blog of my improvement for a year period. My goal is to have a post for everyday starting April 1, 2011.

Below is my first entry that summarizes my goals:

First you need to know a little bit about me. I am an average girl. I attend an average college, have an average social life, and have pretty average friends. I’ve had an average life, grew up with a brother, sister, mom and dad. Although my parents got divorced, that seems pretty average today too. I take no medication, have no disorders (not even a little bit of ADD). I have a (what I hope) better than average looking body, but not face but I have always had high self-esteem. I’ve never been the girl that guys chase or girls want to be best friends with, though of course I have friends and a boyfriend.  I’m not active, at all. I can’t cook. I never do my make-up. While I’ve lately cleaned up my attire because I work everyday, last semester you never saw me even in jeans.

Today I have decided it is time for a change. It is time to get up and change something about my daily routine.

My goal is to post everyday on my journey of how I plan to change my life. Initially my goals will be to become an avid runner, more than a decent cook, better at hair and makeup, have the ability to create accessories maybe even clothing, and embark on all other types of creative moments!

This will be a daily log of my life and progress. You as readers will learn more about me as a person from these endeavors and more about my past, which I warn you, is pretty average. This is a journey to become a more-than-average person.


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