DIY: IPhone Sock

This week I decided that I needed to make an iPhone case. I found a picture on tumblr (actually my first reblogged post) and decided to make an owl iPhone case.
What you will need:
-three primary felt colors or one patterned fabric
-white felt, orange or yellow felt (beak), eye color felt
-a thread color that is dark (or light) enough to see on the three colors
-thread to match eyes and beak
-an iPhone
To start, take your base felt and wrap it around your iPhone. I left my case on while I did this because I have a case on my phone. Sew together two sides leaving the top if the sick open. Use big loop stitches so you can see the thread.
Next, take your base wing and line a corner up with the corner of the left side of the sock. You should angle the wing to cut it like a rounded circle about two inches down from the top of the case. Take the shape you have just cut and make another wing out of your other fabric. If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure you use it as a base wing.
Now sew your wings onto the front of the sock using the se big loop stitch. It can be difficult to sew sometimes, so make sure you don’t accidentally sew the sock together.
Next, make two white circles 1″ in diameter and two eye color circles 6/8″ in diameter. Sew these pieces to the front of the sock, about 1/2″ above the wings. Make sure you leave enough room for the beak and crown. If you follow the measurements correctly you will have enough room.
Next, cut a beak shaped like a diamond and sew it to the front. Cut a triangle for the crown out of the primary wing color. The cut a strip of material that is the width of your crown piece and 2″ long. This will be your fastener. Sew the crown and material to the top of the case using the same loop stitch your main thread.
Finally, sew your button on the back, the middle of my button is 6/8″ down from the top if the sock. Cut a hole in the strip of material for the button hole. And there you have an owl iPhone sock!


Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl


DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

I have been looking forward to making this magnetic makeup board since I found the original picture on tumblr. It’s not perfect and I didn’t take pictures of the step by step, but I think I’ll be able to explain it okay. Here is a picture of the original:

 This is what you will need to make my version of the board

– 3 12″ by 12″ pieces of card stock, what ever colors or patterns you want, I used green pink and a pattern paisley piece

– 4 paper clips

– Magnets

– Magnetic white board

– Scrapbook Mounting Squares (REQUIRED, tape will not work as well)

– Your makeup

First, measure your card stock to your magnetic white board. Next when you have cut the cardstock to the appropriate size, place mounting squares around the edges of the cardstock, sticking it to the board.

Next, take your second piece of card stock and make a frame around the white board. This is only necessary if your white board has a frame. I couldn’t find a wooden frame like the picture above that fit my white board, but if you can find one go for it! Stick your paper frame on with the mounting squares and smooth.

Now you are going to make your brush and other makeup cups. Take your card stock and cut a piece that is large enough to fold over to create a sturdy cup. Place the ends together and put the paper clips about 1 1/2″ down from the ends. Now fold the ends away from each other to make a flat side. Now tape the loose pieces of paper together and tape the flat side to the cylindrical container. Now cut an overside circle for the bottom taping the extra pieces on the inside of the cylinder. Place magnets on the back of the cylinders with mounting tape.

Finally place magnets on the back of your makeup with the mounting tape and put your brushes and other makeup in the cylinders and viola! you have yourself a makeup board!

 Tomorrow will be something new!

The Average Girl

DIY: Book Markers

I found a picture on Tumblr of monster book markers and I decided to make my own. My roommate like them so much she made me make another one for her!

What you will need:

  • Colored computer paper
  • White computer paper
  • Construction paper or colored card stock
  • Ruler
  • Black marker
  • Tape
  • Glue (optional, I didn’t have it but it might look a little better with Elmer’s)
  • Scissors
First, cut a 2″-by-2″ square on white computer paper. This will be your guide square. Now, cut two squares from the colored computer paper.
Next, tape your guide square to the card stock or construction paper and cut a square that is slightly larger than your guide square on each of the sides. I can’t give a measurement but if I had to guesstimate I’d say mine is about 1/32″.
Then, take your second square and fold it in half, making a triangle. Line this up with your other colored paper square and tape the sides that touch to the other square, creating a slit along the hypotenuse of the triangle. Tape or glue the bottom square to the construction paper or card stock.
Next, you will cut your teeth. Measure along the hypotenuse, mine was 2 13/16″ long by 1/2″ wide. After cutting your paper, fold it into fourths. Now line your paper up to the hypotenous, drawing a line along the square so the teeth won’t stick over the bottom square. Cut slightly below the fold so that the teeth will stay connected. Tape the teeth to the inside of the hypotenuse.
Then, cut two circles of white paper for eyes. I approximated the size, but they are about 12/16″ in diameter. Now cut two smaller circles for the irises, about 9/16″. Place your irises slightly off center of the eyes to create the illusion of looking in a specific direction.
Finally, draw two small pupils in the irises towards the bottom. You can make them look straight ahead, cross eyed, or in a certain direction by placing the pupil correctly. Then tape or glue the irises to the eyes and the eyes to the squares.
And there you have your monster book markers!
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The Average Girl

DIY: Mother’s Day Card

Today I made my mom a mother’s day card. I built it off this picture, click through for the blog.

So what you will need:

  • Thread
  • Construction Paper
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tape
First, figure out the design you want. Since it was mother’s day, I did flowers.
Next, cut the appropriate amount of thread for what you want to say. I cut three pieces for “Happy Mother’s Day”. Lay them on the card when it is open to figure out where you will place your message. Make sure the lowest string is halfway down the page.
The trickiest part is the banner. To make the banner, cut triangles and fold over slightly and tape over the thread, but it should still be able to slide along the string. Make sure you write on the triangles beforehand.
Finally place accessories around the message. I used flowers but in the picture above there are balloons. Now use the same accessory to decorate the outside of the card.
This is my finished product!
Tomorrow will be something new.
The Average Girl

DIY: Angry Birds Sleep Mask

I am currently making an Angry Birds sleepmask I found on tumblr. Here is the original version.

What you will need:

  • Black, Red, Orange and White felt
  • Matching thread in each color
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thin elastic (7″)
To start, cut a black rectangle that is as wide as from your forehead to the end of your nose and from temple to temple for the length. Round the edges of the rectangle and create the half bean shape above. I will continue to refer to it as the red rectangle.
Next cut a red rectangle with rounded edges that will fit inside the black rectangle leaving about 1/3″ of the black edge showing.
Next we will cut the tuft of feathers. Fold the red material in half and cut a long, skinny heart. Sew this to the black rectangle, placing the end of the heart in the center of the black rectangle and an inch down. Sew along where the red meets the black.
Next sew the red rectangle onto the black rectangle overlapping the tuft of feathers.
When this is finished, cut a white semi circle to use for the belly. Make sure you round these edges slightly. Sew this to the red rectangle. When sewing from now on, use large noticeable stitching to create a texture. Do this on all pieces except the beak.
Next cut two semi circle to the eyes. Sew this to the red rectangle also, leaving space for the beak and eyebrows.
Next cut the orange material for the beak. The bottom rectangle should be a equilateral triangle and the top a scalene triangle (If you google these images you should get a better idea). Next sew the beak to the red triangle, overlapping the belly and eyes when needed.
With the black material cut two small circles for the eyes. I tried to use buttons before, but I got the Coraline effect and it scared me. Don’t sew them on yet. Next, cut a peice of material for the eyebrows about 1/2″ wide to 2 1/2″ long. Keep the bottom straight, but cut the top into a slight V. Pin the eyebrows (or eyebrow technically) to cover the white eyes and slightly the black pupils to create the furrowed brow.
Now sew the eyes on like you would sew a two hole button on to something. Sew around the edges of the eyebrows.
Finally sew the elastic to the back of the sleep mask.
And there you have it! An Angry Birds sleep mask :)
 (The right black rectangle is a little folded under, but I don’t feel like taking a new picture)
Tomorrow will be something new!
The Average Girl

DIY: Heart Wall Art

So I want to make my dorm room really nice next year because hopefully I will be getting a single! I found a picture on tumblr that I will attempt to duplicate below.

This is the picture from tumblr:

Now I will try to recreate this project. I’m a little short on some the supplies, like paint to make the cool splatters and also thread to sew the hearts onto the cardboard. If you want to do this project like Claire Isabel Marie, you will need a sewing machine, thread, orange and blue paint, and a paint brush on top of the materials I have listed below. I did not have a sewing machine or paint around so, I used a hot glue gun instead. So if you want to do this project like I did, you will need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Assortment of paper (I used graph paper, a map book, an old New Yorker, and an old Alloy magazine)
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard, poster board, or bambridge board (mine measures 13.5″ by 18″)
To start, draw a rectangle somewhere on the board. In the picture above, you can see where the rectangle is slighty, that’s the idea. You can put it anywhere you want!
If you are doing the paint part of the project, splatter the paint on now with the paint brush, making sure you do this on a flat surface so the paint doesn’t dry. Don’t use watercolor paint, make sure you use acrylic paint. Allow this to dry.
While waiting for the paint to dry, cut hearts from the assorted paper in various sizes. I recommend cutting about 50 hearts, you use more than you think you will.
After you have finished cutting the hearts, proceed to glue them on, stretching up diagonally towards the top of the board. They do not have to be in a perfect line, but instead will look much better if placed slightly askew at times. Having them go in all the same direction sort of defeats the purpose. And do not glue the entire heart down, glue only along the seam of the heart, allowing the edges to come up.
After you have glued on all the hearts you are done! Here is my rendition of the project:
This is a really simple project, that adds a lot of character to a space!
Tomorrow will be something new,
The Average Girl

DIY Project: Journal

I am almost out of space in the journal I got for my sixteenth birthday. I have written in until the end, and although I don’t write everyday my journal has gotten me through half of high school and half of college. I thought a DIY journal would be the best thing to make, especially since I am waiting on a pay check.
I found materials around my dorm room in order to make this and printed out textiles from the internet.
I used:

  • Cardboard (from the bottom of a 40 pack of water)
  • Ribbon or binder rings
  • Hole punch
  • Lined paper or plain paper (for the inside)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Colored paper
  • Glue stick (make sure it goes on clear)

To start: Cut the cardboard into two equal halves. Next cover the cardboard with your base colored paper. I chose light blue.
 Finish taping your base color on both pieces of cardboard. If you don’t like the unfinished look on the inside, cover the rest with paper on the inside and cover the tape with a glue stick.
Next pick a second color, I picked brown, to make the cover two tone. Place this piece about three inches over from the side where you will open the journal.
Next make some decorations! I picked daisies. To cut the daisies I folded paper in half and cut up and down to make half of a daisy shape. I made two large daisies rather than a few small ones. When you place the daisy down, Cover the edges with the glue stick and make sure it will go on clear. This will hold the edges to the journal. For the center I just put a pink circle.
 Next comes the book pages. I like lined paper because I only write I don’t draw. But if you like to draw or don’t like the confines of lined paper, use computer paper or linen paper.
Next I made the letters. If you have stickers or a stencil then I would recommend using that, or if you are amazing at calligraphy. I am not, and did not have stickers, so I cut letters out of the same color as the inside of the flower and just spelled out journal. If you want to put your name or anything else this is the time to be creative.
Now hole punch both the front and back cover equally to make sure the sides fit together evenly. And punch all the paper evenly. Place the ribbons or binder rings through the holes to make a journal. Don’t staple or tape your pages together, they should be able to flip.
 And now you have a journal!
Special Note: If you want the pages to last, but binder hole stockers around the holes you have punched in the paper to make sure they don’t tear out.
Tomorrow will be something new.
The Average Girl