Update on My Journey

So I can’t pretend to not notice the gap in entries here, it’s been more than six months since my last post, and I’m getting pretty close to my April 1 deadline. So I decided to update you, so you know I haven’t been slacking.

I have gotten better in all aspects I set out to improve even though I haven’t been posting about it.

Now that I have a kitchen at school, I cook! I make a really good stir fry. Although I’m not a chef or anything, and don’t make a wide variety of meals, I have improved greatly from a year ago.

I am more involved in fashion. I am more daring with it and always get compliments when I wear something I wouldn’t have worn a year ago. Because I work on campus, I need to portray a put together look, you’d all be proud I haven’t left my room in sweats once this semester!

While I am not an active runner, I do enjoy going to the gym. A year ago I would have punched myself in the face for saying that, but I really enjoy the weight machines. I like feeling the results and not going actually makes me sad. I haven’t gone in a week because of spring break and it’s killing me!

I am a DIY fanatic. I am that girl with a sewing machine in her dorm room. I look making crafts and have even taken up knitting! When I look around my dorm room and notice all the things I’ve made I get very happy, much happier than I would have just from buying the pieces.

And beauty is where I’ve really improved. Now that I’m 21 I actually go out to bars and do my makeup. I’ve mastered lip color and smoky eye I’m pretty good at. I’m working on a cat eye, I just need new liner.

So I have improved. I realize now how unrealistic a goal of a post everyday was, it takes so much more time than I expected. Maybe the goal will change, maybe not. Maybe I’ll never post on here again. There are so many aspects of my life that don’t change day to day, but after looking back over a year, it’s amazing how different my life was, and how different I was.

The Average Girl


My first post

First you need to know a little bit about me. I am an average girl. I attend an average college, have an average social life, and have pretty average friends. I’ve had an average life, grew up with a brother, sister, mom and dad. Although my parents got divorced, that seems pretty average today too. I take no medication, have no disorders (not even a little bit of ADD). I have a (what I hope) better than average looking body, but not face but I have always had high self-esteem. I’ve never been the girl that guys chase or girls want to be best friends with, though of course I have friends and a boyfriend.  I’m not active, at all. I can’t cook. I never do my make-up. While I’ve lately cleaned up my attire because I work everyday, last semester you never saw me even in jeans.

Today I have decided it is time for a change. It is time to get up and change something about my daily routine.

My goal is to post everyday on my journey of how I plan to change my life. Initially my goals will be to become an avid runner, more than a decent cook, better at hair and makeup, have the ability to create accessories maybe even clothing, and embark on all other types of creative moments!

This will be a daily log of my life and progress. You as readers will learn more about me as a person from these endeavors and more about my past, which I warn you, is pretty average. This is a journey to become a more-than-average person.